Diffaith (the "ai" is pronounced as in "bike") is Welsh for wilderness.

Multi-instrumentalist and producer Uli Eberhardt aka Diffaith has been making music since early childhood. His journey has taken him from piano to kit drums and Westafrican percussion to electronics and back.

Diffaith constantly seeks to expand his musical horizons and also brings this approach into his own productions. Digitally arranged beats and samples, live instruments like piano, synth, percussion (frame drums, darbouka) and stringed instruments (tzouras, lavta, and acoustic guitar), as well as field recordings from his frequent travels around Europe and beyond, all contribute to his personal vision of sound – often danceable, always aiming to challenge listeners.

Rooted in a classical background, and listening closely to the futuristic moves of today's Electronica and Bass Music scenes, his musical language is also informed by the universes of Dub and Jazz, and increasingly by the traditions of modal music as played around the Eastern Mediterranean.

In his own words: "Part of me is a traveller. Borders are man-made. Creativity should be limitless".

Diffaith is responsible for keyboards and samples in Umanos, Berlin-based project founded by vocalist/producer Cara Muru, exploring conscious multilingual, intertraditional music based on HipHop, Reggae and rhythms from the Northeast of Brazil. The project takes on different forms, the most recent one being the electronic live act Umanos Som Sistema playing to dancing crowds in Berlin and elsewhere.

As Yakamoz, Diffaith and Lancaster (UK) based guitar player Luke Blake explore ambient soundscapes and postmodern electric jazz.

In 2013, Diffaith was invited to do a remix for Graz (Austria) based band La Cherga (Asphalt Tango), and as of 2019, he is working on several other collaborations with international artists.

From 2011 to 2013 he hosted the fortnightly radio show "Forward in All Directions" on Germany's oldest free radio station, Radio Dreyeckland. Some of the shows and mixes are archived here.

From 2007 to 2008, Diffaith gigged internationally with UK dance / dub outfit Akahum, and worked with various music / multimedia projects in Bristol (UK), including Dub Revolution and the Invisible Circus. He also created sounds for the acclaimed documentary on human rights in Tibet, "Die Roten Drachen und das Dach der Welt" (Germany, 2007).

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